How Does it Work?

Virtual Staffing Services

Virtual Staffing
Low offshore costs
the flexibility of having your own in-house staff

You handle projects and work together straight away with your Virtual Employee
Your dedicated Virtual Employee obey your directions and works solely for you
Your remote employee do the job from one of us supervised, state-of-the-art workspace




Lower Overhead cost: If you run your company virtually, you do not have to take care of leasing office space, buying furniture, paying for utilities, etc. Even, if you establish a small office just with a few employees, you would not require leasing the area as like the office space.

Higher Scalability: With a real office, increasing your staff often requires moving into a larger office space. But with a virtual team, you can start a virtual staffing agency and can scale up your business without worrying about how much more square footage you need.

Less cohesiveness: When you allow a virtual team they mostly choose their own work hours, your organization can be more fragmented. For example, if there would be an emergency, such as system failure or a technical issue, you can really not call a meeting easily of your entire organization to deal with these crises.

Lower HR infrastructure: Virtual staffing services let you quickly grow a company without a large HR/ Admin/ Recruiting teams.

Witness Control: Virtual assistant companies help businesses to have more control over a lot of things one being the performance of the business. Companies are freed with the tension to manage the work of the different department and rather focus on company goals and targets.

RiseBeyond is one the well-known organization for Virtual staffing services in lucknow that provide staff, assets, and support while you control your team activities and manage them directly. The virtual assistant has become a very significant part of business planning these days with an idea of providing remote workers to employers and gives a concept of a flexible workforce. As per research, 73% of working adults say flexibility is one of the most important factors they consider when seeking a new job in Digital Transformation Consulting Company. It is an innovative way for companies to hire hard to find talent at an affordable price. We remote staff your organization by assigning and managing dedicated professionals to you at a comparatively low cost to having in-house staff.

From contingency project-based staff to permanent staff we connect you with the talent you need, when you need and as you need. Our virtual staffing services in Noida, helps our clientele to quickly build a dedicated team of employees and fulfill their software development outsourcing requirements. Our skilled and dedicated developers will always be at your service from the very first stage of the product, i.e. from the initial phase of gathering the requirements till the deployment and delivery of the software application to you or to your clients. Hiring new staff can be sometimes expensive, risky and time-consuming. New members can be easily and quickly added with the help of virtual staffing solutions.

Save 72% staffing cost, enhance your business growth
Outshine in your industry, win the race with your competitors
No more Govt. red tape, collateral damage, overheads, tedious contracts

why risebeyond?

Value And Trust
  • Professional Team service
  • Registered, Licensed and fully       insured
  • Espouse Consumer’s Trust      and Loyalty
  • Experience Counts
  • In-depth industry expertise
  • World-class technologies and      proven track record
  • The pool of tech-savvy      professionals
  • Dedicated Customer Service Support
  • Dedicated team to coordinate      with clients
  • Seamless communication      across all time zones
  • 360 Degree feedback policy
  • Oversight & Accountability
  • End of the Day Reports
  • Bi-Weekly VA team meetings
  • Random Screen Shares
  • Management/ Group Cohesiveness
  • Client Dedicated VA(s)
  • VA Mentor Program
  • Utilize discrete strength
  • Security & Structure
  • Large Client Base
  • Secured Client      Communications
  • Secured confidential and      privileged information
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