Student Management System (College ERP)

Published 17.10.2023 by Risebeyond

Student management involves the comprehensive administration and oversight of students in educational institutions, ensuring their academic progress, welfare, and compliance with institutional policies. This multifaceted task encompasses various aspects, including enrollment, attendance, academic records, and support services. Enrollment and registration involve gathering personal details, academic history, and contact information. Attendance tracking helps monitor student presence and absence, enabling timely intervention when necessary. Academic records management ensures accurate maintenance of grades, transcripts, and progress reports. Support services are crucial for student well-being. This includes counseling, career guidance, and special needs support. Additionally, financial aid and scholarships are managed to assist students with financial constraints.

Note:This is a demo college ERP. There is a lot of modules are there in this ERP. You can guide us to improve this ERP as you want.

This is the admin login where admin can add the student, staff, accountant. No other can register and login to the app. Only Admin has the right to add these people.

  • Manages Students
  • Manages Staffs
  • Manages Accountant
  • Manages Session Year
  • Manages Courses
  • Manages Subjects
  • Manages Leaves
  • Send Notifications

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